My very first Journal/diary entry

1.) October 14, 2021

Hello. This is my very first setup journal. Hopefully this will introduce you to the inspirations I have in mind.

My biggest inspiration of the current website setup is alf's room. This site is very interesting to me, and I appreciate the passion that Yoshinori Adachi has put into it.

I wanted to create something similar. I want to appreciate life more. I want to document and take photos of my trips. I think this would be cool.

I have recently turned 18. I wish to visit and travel the world. I think it would make it worthwhile.

Coding the html of this website has really took me a lot of time. I hope you enjoy getting to know me, and my site.

The old site looked more "professional" per say, but I wanted to revert back to the Geocities-esc style of the 00s to detail this site. I think it makes me nostalgic, even if I was too young to truly remember.

Thank you for reading if you did!

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