Mugen fanpage

Me and my friend Ceden recently rediscovered something that seemed to be lost in our minds: Mugen.

He remembers more about it as a child than I do. I only vaguely remember seeing the insane character selection screens filled with every franchise possible. But he remembers the fighting mechanics and the characters people would pit against eachother. Sonic versus Homer? Peter Griffen versus the ghosts from Pacman? Anything is possible in Mugen!

I've been obsessed with mugen for the last 24 hours. I've already tried to make a draft of what would be my Original Character karmen in the game!

Have a look:

Me and my friends haven't even fully grasped the capability of this program. We might work with it to make a "Tapioca's Mugen" with all our inside server jokes involved.

Here is someone else's screencap of Giko Neko in the game!

Mugen makes me happy.. it feels lost and ancient. Our rediscovery is exciting to us.

I will continue to update this as I learn more about mugen and its capabilites.!